INSIDE Technologies


The INSIDE Idaho platform consists of hardware and software optimized to provide high-availability and high-throughput access to large geospatial data sets.

The server platform is built on two Dell R710 dual-CPU quad-core rack-mount servers running Windows 2008 (x64) with each server having 32 Gb of memory. Approximately 11 TB of RAID 5 directly attached storage is available from a Dell MD3000 and a Dell MD1000. RAID 1 system/boot partitions are employed. Backups are maintained via network attached storage as well as external hard drive.

INSIDE Server Architecture

 INSIDE Network Infrastructure

INSIDE exists on a dedicated virtual LAN (VLAN) behind an enterprise firewall in the University of Idaho network. Intra-site communication uses a dedicated 1000 Mbps (gigabit) switch. Each server also has a 1000 Mbps connection directly to an enterprise switch that sits on the UI fiber backbone, one hop away from the UI Internet 2 connection (2.4 Gbps OC-48). INSIDE employs a modular architecture, allowing additional servers and storage to be added as needed.


INSIDE supports a number of popular protocols for accessing geospatial web services.

INSIDE Services and Protocols